Glycerin Soap

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These beautiful Rose Bud soaps are elegant and a step above the norm. Scented in different types of sparkling wines & champagnes,  these lovely glycerin bars will make you feel as special as they are. Each bar is approximately 4 ounces.

Scent Descriptions

Strawberry Champagne (Dark Pink & White):  This best selling scent is a sweet blend of red fruits boosted by lily of the valley and apple cider. I loved this since the first time I smelled it!

Sangria Punch (Orange & White):  In the mood to party? With a refreshing melody beginning with top notes of grape, orange, lemon, lime, and apple, followed by middle notes of pomegranate and blackberries; sitting on a dry down of sugar. This is sure to make you wanna get out and have a good time. A super fun scent! 

Vanilla Champagne (White & Shimmering Clear): Love this one so much! Pretty effervescent citrus notes and sweet vanilla combine to make this festive fragrance!  A sparkling aldehydic accent creates a fizzy effect for the citrus top notes of lime and orange to open this blend.  Hints of green floral and rum liquor notes from the fragrant heart.  Clear woody tones combine with earthy accents while a base of vanilla bean surrounds the fragrance.  So incredibly unique and sophisticated. 

White Zinfandel (Light Pink & Glistening Clear): I get dim lights good food and a romantic dinner for two with this fragrance. The aroma of fruity dry pink wine with undertones of red raspberries, currents, strawberries and rose petals with a light alcoholic background. A wonderful aroma of zinfandel wine. So romantic. 

Lavender Martini (Purple & White):  Gin martini meets lavender in this creative aroma.  We've successfully captured the effervescent carbonation in this unique fragrance.  This wonderful lavender martini fragrance begins with top notes of tangy lemon zests, orange, and carbonation; followed by middle notes of spicy bergamot, mint, and lavender; sitting on a base note of rosewood. Lavender lovers will adore this made for each other scent blend. 

Moscato (Yellow And White): We wanted to bring the Moscato bottle to you and just like it's namesake, this fragrance oil gives off a soft and sweet fruity smell that will help you unwind and relax. Citrus, Peach, Lily Rose & Sweet Raspberries. Beautiful!