About Us

Hi everyone!  First, thanks for stopping by our little corner of the world.  Bob (hubby) and I (Becky) wanted to give you a little background info on our boutique. We've recently rebranded and changed our name from ‘Specially For Her’ to Becky’s Bath & Body Boutique.  We started out some years back in a static store in downtown Vidalia, Georgia. We began by primarily making soaps, bath bombs and all things bubbly for the ladies and girlie girls in our area (as our name suggested).  We soon found out that Hello! Guys love to smell good and soak in bubbles too!  In fact, so many little gents started asking for their own share of bath bombs and salts and toy filled soaps that they got their own lines too! It was great and quite an eye opener.

Sadly, as life often does, we had a few curve balls thrown our way with an ailing parent who needed constant care, health issues of our own, (I ended up in a wheelchair) and a nasty, damaging flood in the shop after a bout of bad weather. Life had suddenly gotten very complicated so we made the very hard decision to close the shop and devote our time to the things that matter most -  family and health.

That was several years ago.  Unfortunately our loved one lost their battle and I found myself kind of lost.  I found that returning to the thing that I love has helped fill a void and brings me peace.  Making soaps and bath bombs and all the things that go with it is a passion of mine.  A static store is really too much for me,  so we have changed our name to better reflect that we make products for every one and are going to try the online route.  As always, all our products are handcrafted with love and care right here in our home "lab". 

With the help of my better half we are going to start a new “soapy” adventure!

We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we do creating them. Feel free to send us scent ideas or combinations that you might like  - you can find the scents we currently have in stock here and we love to mix and match or find new popular ones.  

Thanks again for taking time out of your busy day to stop by!

Becky Nadekow, aka the "not so mad scientist".